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We will use our collective leadership to create systemic change

Launched in October 2022, #ToSeeAndHearYou is a movement of inclusive leaders working across Public Sector Organisations; united in tackling all discrimination, exclusion and lack of representation.


Leaders will be equipped with a unique range of resources, tools and innovative methodologies, including Inclusive Leadership and Cultural Intelligence which will enable them to develop and implement human-centered, effective, long-term and sustainable solutions to all forms of discrimination and exclusion in the workforce and the communities they serve.

The Vision: A New Journey to Inclusive Leadership

A network of leaders. A safe place to think. A commitment to act. A resource for good. 


A Leadership Movement

A movement of leaders – which unites leaders in discovering the confidence, allyship, insight, inclusive leadership and cultural intelligence solutions which will enable them to create, facilitate and lead truly Inclusive Organisations.


A Safe Place for Leaders

An opportunity to be supported in a safe leadership learning space – whether a Zoom conversation, podcast or a residential getaway. A time to think – positive thinking environments to explore ideas, to connect with peers and drive innovation.


A Leadership Commitment

#ToSeeAndHearYou is a personal and professional commitment by individual leaders to see, hear and value all the people who work for and engage with the services they lead. To unite behind their Organisation’s pledge and make it happen.​


A Leadership Resource

A suite of tools, resources, access to evidenced based methodologies, experts to enhance, inform good and emerging practice including peer support and shared good practice among leaders across the public sector.

A New Journey to Inclusive Leadership

Join the movement

Membership: Ensuring our resources are used as a voice for good

Galvanising leaders who want to lead difference differently, #ToSeeAndHearYou is forging a collective of inclusive leaders who are committed to working together to achieve equity for all.

Supporting organisations to move from:

  • Scepticism to Insight
  • Resistance to Allyship
  • Knowledge Gaps to Intentionally Inclusive Solutions
  • From Fear to Confidence

All communicating under one visual umbrella, and with one shared purpose.

Together, we commit #ToSeeAndHearYou

Interested in joining the movement? Want to get in touch and find out more? We’d love to hear from you: